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2007 Parking Lot Sale!

Wednesday, July 4th

Total Bikes sold Today: 45

Pictured to Joe’s right is Cindy Langley and her father, Walt. This Eureka family started purchasing bikes from Russell’s back in the garage 30 years ago. Since then they have bought countless bikes for their children and their children’s children. It only seemed right that the first bike sale of our 30th anniversary event was to this special family! Thank you Langley's for coming along on the ride!

The Lot is finally filled!

Jeremy is part of the Baboon Squad. He is helping us out and building a trailer.

We couldn't do it without our great guys in back. We kept them busy with 45 final safeties.

And the clean-up begins. Josh is the newest member of our team. Welcome to a full day at Parking Lot!

Thursday, July 5th

 Total Bikes Sold for Thursday: 23
We have SALE items!
Nate is working hard and taking messages.
Joe- "More bikes!, must have more bikes!"
Well Joe, here is Jonathan's reply.
It is time again to empty the Lot and put the bikes away.

Friday, July 6th

Total Bikes Sold on Friday: 33

Time to start cleaning the Lot. The start of every morning of Parking Lot.

Matt is doing a great job at making sure our Lot is nice and free of garbage.

Jonathan- "More soda!; must have lots more soda!"

Well Jonathan, here was Joe's reply. These boxes filled up four coolers.

Bring on the Bikes!

When it was time to bring in the bikes, Nate and Dave were given a challenge, how many bikes can be brought in while riding a tandem. Our record: 3 bikes

At the end of the day, Justin did 3 push-ups for every bike we sold. Push-up #1

Push-up #50

Push-up #99. Way to go Justin!

There is nothing like sitting around a table at Sol Azteca with all of the staff members after a long days work.

Saturday, July 7th