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2007 Russell's Staff at Proctor Hospital Training Facility

This winter Russell's staff was invited to ride at Proctor Hospital's indoor training center. We were able to use our own bikes and equipment. Our bikes were hooked up to a trainer which added resistance when you went up a hill, and decreased resistance for the decent. We rode a 12.5 mile time trial with tuff climbs.

Moments before we begin.

Learning how everything works.

And we're off!

This is the screen that we live by for this ride. It tells you all the information that you need to know and gives you a preview of the coarse ahead.

Feelin the burn of the first hill.

Getting tired.

So close. Its almost over!

Helpful tips and encouragment from the pro's.

Ah... Jonathan can relax now that he has finished in first.

The staff that participated in this event want to thank Proctor Hospital and all of the people involved for letting us try your great facility.