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Bike #40,000 "The Process"


March 19, 2007 

This past week, we were able to build bike number 40,000. We started numbering each bike that was built 30 years ago, in Everett and Rosalie Russell's garage. 40,000 bikes is a great accomplishment, and we thank all of our loyal customers for getting us here. To better celebrate this achievement, each staff member got to have a hand in building it.

When we realised how close we were to #40,000, we had to find the appropriate bike. After a little thinking throughout the day, we chose a LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed is manufactured in the United States and is made out of Titanium, with a Carbon Fiber fork.

Everett Russell- Father of Joe Russell. Joe started the bike shop in his dad's garage. Everett puts on the most important part- the Russell's Sticker.

Janice- "Don't give me something girly to do; Give me the Bottom Bracket." Well Janice, here you go.

Dave- Dave has a full time job at a car collision repair shop, but still will come in to help build bikes during our busy season. Dave puts on the crank.

Jonathan- Jonathan is Joe's son and heads up our delivery team. He loves to bike and is quick out on the road. He installs the brakes.


Dave Kellum- Dave worked on our sales floor and service department back in the 80's at the old Main Street store. Dave installs the front derailleur.

Matt- Although he may be the newest full-time technician, he does a good job of finding a solution to a problem. Matt trues the rear wheel.

RJ- He has earned his spot on Senior Staff. If you have a question, most likely he has the answer. RJ trues the front wheel.

Adam- Adam started with us in the summer of 2006 and keeps our store looking nice as well as on our service team. Adam puts on the tube and tire.

Drew- Drew started at the beginning of 2007. Drew is on the sales team and puts on the other wheel's tube and tire.

Earl- Earl helps us out during our busy season by doing bicycle tune-ups. He is installing the cassette.

Larry- Larry is a retired electrician and, like Earl, helps us make the most out of our busy season. Larry installs the front wheel.

 Justin- Justin is a member of our delivery team. He will start Navy Seal training this summer. He is installing the rear derailleur.

Joe Russell- Joe started this bike shop back in 1977 out of his dad's garage. Since then, we have moved from the old Main Street store, to our current location. Joe installs the left brake handle.

Nathan- Nathan is the second son of Joe. He is mostly on the sales floor, but will also fill in on the delivery team as well. Nathan installs the right brake handle.