Wahoo Indoor Bike Trainer KICKR KOM Bundle

Wahoo Indoor Bike Trainer KICKR KOM Bundle
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EXCLUSIVE! Get a KICKR Smart Trainer, Floormat, KICKR HEADWIND, and KICKR CLIMB with this bundle.

Get everything you need to train to be the King of the Mountain! Our K.O.M. bundle is designed for those who want to take their indoor training to the next level - literally - using a Wahoo Smart Trainer and the KICKR CLIMB. It includes a KICKR Smart Trainer, a KICKR Floormat, a KICKR HEADWIND and a KICKR CLIMB.

Wahoo Smart Trainers provide the ultimate indoor training experience with realistic road feel, power accuracy, and the most software training options. The KICKR Floormat is water resistant and anti-slip, so your trainer and accessories will stay in place no matter how much you sweat. The KICKR HEADWIND will help control your climate and keep you cool during the toughest training sessions. The KICKR CLIMB is designed to elevate your training with the addition of physical grade changes, both ascents and descents.


Up your game with KICKR

Building on the proven success of Wahoo’s line of KICKR Smart Trainers, the new 2020 edition delivers a virtually silent experience and a specially engineered, heavier flywheel to provide cyclists with the exact inertia they need to recreate the feeling of riding outdoors. The KICKR continues to provide the best in class indoor smart trainer design with carbon steel body for the durability. Its unmatched compatibility expands to include our new indoor grade simulator, the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB, and our new Bluetooth and ANT+ powered fan, the KICKR HEADWIND. The KICKR includes an 11-speed cassette for easy setup and an RPM cadence sensor.

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