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Joe's 20/20 Fitness Plan

A proven way to move your fitness needle

20/20 Fitness was conceived in April of 2010, when Joe Russell’s nurse squared him up and said “Joe, we know you're active but you have to be much more intentional with your physical exercise.”

You see our founder has enjoyed a slight frame all his life. Joe would look in the mirror, see slender, say he feels pretty good and call it good. But what was not being realized was that his “numbers” (cholesterol, blood sugar & blood pressure) were all borderline and the next step was medicine.

After persuading the doctor to give him 6 months, 20/20 Fitness was launched.

Simply put, 20/20 Fitness means moving for 20 continuous minutes, 5 times a week or 20 times per month. In Phase 1 of 20/20 Fitness, intensity does not matter- just the continuous activity is important. After 6 months, participants will begin to “move” their needle.

Now, Joe Russell, like you and I does have a life, and sometimes, he will discover that “life” has happened and he looks at his fitness tracker and discovers that it is the 15th of the month and he has only 5 sessions in, now he must go everyday till the end of the month. No big deal, it is about getting 20 /-20 minute sessions in every 30 days. And everything counts, walking, running, cycling, steps, rowing you name it…it just has to be continuous (20 minutes) and consistent (20 times) per month.

As always, final results will vary between all participants but everyone’s needle will move. And remember, if you start to feel light headed or unstable or dizzy, stop all effort and seek proper medical attention.

Tools to move the needle

Frankly, you don't need a lot of tools to move your fitness needle. However, during certain seasons of the year it can be quite challenging to get your activity in without some kind of equipment. Russell's has the fitness equipment for whichever style of training you prefer at a great price with amazing guarantees. Equip yourself today and get that needle moving!