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TerraTrike bikes at Russell's Cycling & Fitness

The world's most comfortable recumbent bike

TerraTrike is committed to helping people get outside, get healthy and ride in comfort. Over twenty years of research and design goes into the TerraTrike line - and if you take a look at any reviews, you'll soon discover TerraTrike riders are quite fanatical about the brand. You may raise an eyebrow at the thought of riding a trike, but the advantages are many.

Advantages of recumbent trikes

Advantages of recumbent trikes

  • Your body weight is spread over a much larger area, leading to a greater amount of comfort.
  • The smaller frontal area allows for better aerodynamics and faster speeds.
  • Your head is up, allowing you to more fully enjoy the scenery.
  • In the case of an accident, you're not falling as far...and therefore reducing injury.
  • The feet up position is more physiologically efficient.
  • Much greater stability (even when encountering sand, loose gravel, a blown tire, etc)
  • Cornering is a blast - think sports car or go-cart.
  • Easier to ride in a straight line (safer on the side of the road)
Advantages of TerraTrike

Advantages of TerraTrike

  • Clean, simple, sporty designs.
  • A great deal of built-in adjustability
  • Custom slung mesh seat with recline and forward/back adjustments.
  • Ackerman and center point steering geometry for high speed stability
  • Lighter weight than many other Trikes
  • Three wheels of the same size (no need to carry multiple sizes of spare tubes)
  • Optimal Under-seat steering hand position (no more aching wrists and arms).
  • Low center of gravity to make you feel like you're driving a sports car
  • Wide range of accessories

With all TerraTrike purchases - Russell's Premium Service Package!

You get unlimited access to our technicians for 12 months; two complimentary service sessions (valued at $160 each); lifetime discount parts and labor; guaranteed trade-in.

TerraTrike bikes at Russell's

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