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Custom Bikes

When you finally decide that you are ready for a custom bike, do you even know where to start looking? Russell's deals with Waterford who builds custom frames. Waterford produces some of the best riding steel frames in the industry. We at Russell's will walk with you through the whole process and make sure that everything runs smoothly. From the sizing of the frame to the picking of the parts to watching you ride out the door with your new bike, Russell's will be there.

Waterford Custom Options

Waterford allows the customer to choose from many different styling options including the color, lug style, and even what you want written on the side! Below are a few examples of the lug work you can choose, but feel free to stop by too see all of your options! This is your dream bike and we feel that you deserve to make it specific to you.

What is Included in Your Custom Fitting

Your session will begin with a pre-fit interview which covers physical flexibility in regards to your age and your riding style, as well taking into consideration any pre-existing conditions you may have. Many factors come into play - seat height, reach to handlebars, and more. Riders' goals are taken into play. More aggressive cyclists will have different position and fitting needs from a recreational rider who desires a more relaxed position. Your interviewer will base your fit on a points system and use those points to determine the best fit for you.

Full Fit Kit ($150)

Full fit kit includes R.A.D.

Measurements are taken of:
-Foot length
-Inseam measurements
-Torso length
-Arm length
-Shoulder width
-Hand size
-Thigh/Femur length

These measurements will determine seat tube angle, top tube length, stem length, handlebar width, reach, height, and drop; crank length, seat height, and stand-over height.

R.A.D. ($50)

"Rotation Adjustment Device"

When it comes to bicycling, this is one of the most important fittings you can have. It's all about the proper placement of you pedal cleats on you cycling shoes in regards to you natural pedalinng stroke. Points of consideration are medial/lateral placement, cant (if necessary), and rotational alignment.

R.A.D. greatly diminishes the possibility of developing knee pain issues, and can alleviate or eliminate current issues.

Ah! Sweet Relief!

Many customers have reported back to us anter several hundred miles regarding their fit experience.

Imagine- increased miles in the saddle, less fatigue, more endurance, more confidence in you individual cycling experience.

Imagine- a bicycle completely custom tuned to you and your very unique riding style.

Your cycling adventure may begin here at Russell's, but now with the proper fitting bicycle the possibilities are endless! Go now - comfortably enjoy the thousands of miles ahead of you.
Your Adventure is Waiting!