Fitness Equipment on Sale at Russell's Cycling & Fitness

Fitness Equipment on Sale

One of our goals at Russell's Cycling & Fitness is helping our customers find a fitness plan that works for them. Gym memberships can be expensive and inconvenient. Having fitness equipment at home is simply the best way to go for many. If you're looking for a great deal on home fitness equipment, look no further. Check back here often for fitness equipment on sale from Vision Fitness, Horizon, Matrix and more. Make your fitness dreams come true!

Russell's Fitness Exclusives

We are insistent that you get only the best service - which means we do it ourselves! There will be no strangers showing up at your doorstep. We do delivery, set-up and premium in-home service ourselves. Which means you, and your fitness equipment, will be well cared for.

Please note our fitness exclusives are available to customers in a 50 mile radius from the store. There is an additional charge for customers beyond that radius.

Free Delivery

Free 1st Year In-Home Service

No 3rd Party Service!

Guaranteed Buy-back

12 months financing available!

No interest if paid in full! Take your fitness home today!


Matrix T75 XR
Matrix T30 XR
Matrix T50 XIR
Matrix T130 XI
Matrix T130 X
Matrix T30 XER
Matrix TF30 XER
Matrix T75 XER
Matrix T30 XIR
Matrix T50 XER
Matrix T75 XIR
Matrix T50 XR


Matrix U50 XIR
Matrix R50 XER
Matrix R50 XIR
Matrix U30 XR
Matrix R30 XR
Matrix U30 XIR
Matrix R30 XIR
Matrix U50 XER
Matrix U30 XER
Matrix U50 XR